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Rates and Services

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GilderSound is a cost-effective, yet high-quality studio environment that can be used for projects with small or large budgets. The studio can be used for complete projects (from tracking to mixing to mastering), particular aspects of the recording process, such as mastering, or projects involving multiple recording studios.

Recording and Mixing:
$50 per hour, 1 hour minimum
$360 day rate - 8 hours

$60 per hour, typical 40-60 minute CD master approximately $400-550

Archiving/Data Backup:
$25-75 depending on size of project

Other services:
Transfer of typical 40 minute tape/LP record to CD: $50
CD-R: $5 each

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Gildersound Audio Recording Studio
Forest Lake, Minnesota
Tel. 612-868-2582

Services available from GilderSound

"There have been many times when I was about to give up on a vocal harmony, and I looked up to see Randy through the control room window picking up a guitar, finding the key and figuring out the notes I should be trying to hit." - Jeff Crandall, Swallows

Many types of audio projects are recorded at GilderSound. The in-studio environment is as good a fit for demos and audition recordings as it is for elaborate, full-blown CDs.

GilderSound has experience with almost all musical genres, radio, television, and film soundtracks, cues and sound effects for live theater, and spoken word projects, including books-on-CD and meditation tracks.

Engineering and Production

Randy Gildersleeve has a wealth of experience as an engineer, arranger and producer, and he brings it to every project. At GilderSound, it is important for us to understand each artist or group and allow them to establish the roles they would like us to perform on a given project. Our goal is find a way to help you create the best possible recording of your material.

The comfortable atmosphere at GilderSound allows for ideas to be easily exchanged, new techniques to be explored and arrangements to be reworked on the spot. In addition, Randy's experience as a musician, arranger and music instructor comes in handy on many projects.


A good mix will give your tracks a creative, professional sound, whether the individual tracks were recorded at GilderSound, another studio, or your own home studio. At GilderSound, we can work with quick setups based on tried-and-true settings or we can dial up more adventurous tones and settings for those who are striving to create unique mixes.


Deluxe Fender Telecaster with Fender Amp

Mastering is the final polish and preparation of a recording for duplication and distribution. It also helps to provide consistent playback of your recording on a variety of devices and in a variety of listening environments. Over the past decade, CD mastering has become an intregal part of the recording process and, to accommodate this important trend, we have invested in the tools that optimize this process.

On-location recording

GilderSound's portable Pro Tools system allows us to record at a variety of venues, from living rooms to churches and concert halls to outdoor venues. Whether you wish to record a solo performance or a large ensemble, GilderSound will be able to accommodate your recording needs.

Music/Sound Effects Editing

GilderSound has created precise performance pieces for dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters, etc.

Studio Musicians

GilderSound has a large pool of quality musicians available to help you complete your project.

Other Music-Related Services

GilderSound can also connect you to other music-related services, including CD/DVD design and duplication, music transcription and arranging, live sound, and musical instrument lessons.